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Change the seating… and the views!

The view from lower Manhattan is radically different. Without two, giant towers to look at we seem to be focusing on one, glorious Lady Liberty. Let's take this as a metaphor and a message for the politicos. We need to change the views. For a brief moment, we got the Senators all singing together. Now [...]

Saying Goodbye to Carroll O’Connor

1924 - 2001 Tuesday, June 26, 2001. 10:10am. Arrive in Westwood for Carroll O’Connor’s Mass of the Resurrection with two of my best friends who I met while working on All In The Family. 10:15am. Find amazing parking space after moving two trash cans in funeral wear. 10:20am. Arrive at the church steps, [...]

Employment and Gray Hair

September unemployment was at 4.9%. October it’s climbed to 5.4 %. It made me wonder. Did the Terrible Horrible No Good Day bring on .5% more gray hair on my head? I think it did and I think that’s GOOD! Let me explain. I am competing for screen-time with the gen-y generation who can make [...]

Face Time

What’s in a face? “WIPE THAT PUSS OFF YOUR FACE!” When you hear that you know you’re in trouble. “FACE OFF!” More trouble. “SIT ON MY FACE.” Better. But here’s my favorite. When e-mails and phone calls just don’t cut it, it’s time for FACE TIME! On 9/11 the world watches as the face of [...]

Getting Ready for the Ball

I’m not a very good girl. Oh, I don’t mean that I’m bad to the bone or that I’m hankering for a spanking. I simply mean that as a youth I was a tomboy, as a wife I was one of the guys and as an adult I prefer electronics to clothes! Not very girl-like, [...]

Random Acts of Kindness

New York City, July 1999. It’s a zillion degrees in the subway tunnel that takes me from my beloved west side to the la-di-da east side. It’s not a happy trip. It’s a trip that’s taking me to Beth Israel hospital. More specifically the AIDS ward where my blood-brother is really sick. Emerging from the [...]

Walker is a Spy

What if the kid’s a spy? OK he doesn’t seem to be all that diabolical, but Johnny “soon-to-be-on-Oprah” Walker could be a secret agent. Remember the movie “War Games?” Maybe the kid’s in over his head. Try this: Walker has an affinity (or maybe an obsession) with Islam and volunteers to infiltrate the Taliban. (It’s [...]

It takes a Village to Date a Man

Ok this is shocking. When you type ‘DATING’ into the amazon.com search engine, the three books that come up on the screen are: • The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Dating and Sex -- Joshua Piven. • Women, Sex And Dating, For The Single Man -- Perry Rose. • 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage [...]

Killing the President’s Dog

“Buddy down!” Two secret service agents run after an exuberant Buddy who races after a car as it leaves the Clinton compound in Chappaqua. Too late. The dog is dead. Hit by a car. No Clinton or Rodham in sight. The whole incident leaves me rather unsettled. Why? Why am I tossing and turning at [...]

“Chicks before Dicks” vs. “Bros vs. Hos”

“Even though he says he loves me, I’ll never go out with him because YOU saw him FIRST.” That’s Chicks before Dicks. “Even though she’s super hot, I’m never gonna go out with her, cuz she dumped your brother’s best friend’s cousin.” That’s Bros before Hos. Ok. That’s the gen-x version of the age-old sisterhood [...]