Sue Wolf began her career on Broadway… as an usher. Eventually, she tired of using the very important skill of reciting the alphabet backwards and started directing plays and musicals. After nearly being electrocuted at an East Village theatre in New York, she moved to Los Angeles.

 First living in her car in Beverly Hills, then moving-on-up to an 8-dollar-a-night Hotel in the shadow of downtown, she landed a job in the casting department for Norman Lear. By night she played the alto sax at The Central on Sunset Boulevard (for those club rats out there…it’s now The Viper Room) …by day she was a writer’s assistant on “All In The Family.” She got very little sleep!

She worked as a young assistant to many directors.  Her favorites were Paul “All In the Family” Bogart, John “Shakespeare In Love” Madden and Jerry “Hollywood Squares” Shaw.  While marking their scripts and getting them coffee she learned many invaluable lessons about directing.

 Ultimately, after a long and winding journey from being Peter Marshall’s cue card girl on the original “Hollywood Squares” to a critic for Variety Newspaper, Ms. Wolf became a producer and director for stand-up and sketch comedy shows and documentaries.

 She has worked for Comedy Central, MTV, Disney, Lifetime, CBS, ABC, TBS, UPN and has over 50 shows on HBO. In addition to spearheading the classic award-winning series “One Night Stand,” she produced the first all-Black stand-up show called “Uptown Comedy Express,” and the first all female stand-up show called “Women of the Night.”  She has worked with and loved many new stand-up comics and has directed over 10 one-person-shows including Eliza (South Park) Schneider’s about her trip across country in an ambulance and Kathy Buckley’s called “Now Hear This” which made it to Off-Broadway.

 Ms. Wolf’s affinity for working with comics and actors led her to produce and/or direct specials which included Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Ellen DeGeneres, Susie Essman, Richard Belzer, Stephanie Miller, Beth Lapides, Taylor Negron, John Larroquette, Chris Rock, Tracy Ullman, Martin Short, Paul Rodriguez, Martin Mull, Denis Leary, Joy Behar, Janeanne Garofalo, Sandra Bernhardt and Julia Sweeney.

Currently, Ms. Wolf is pitching shows, shooting her documentary on Nixon’s Enemies List at glacial speed, and enjoying the airplays of her most recent documentary for Comedy Central “Legends: Rodney Dangerfield.”  She is most proud of her community work which includes starting, mentoring Kyrei, serving on the Friends Committee of Hollywood Beautification Team (a non-profit that paints out 2 million miles of graffiti and ‘greens’ L.A.), serving on City Council President Eric Garcetti’s Safety Commission, serving as Lemon Grove Park’s Board President and receiving two cherished citations from President Garcetti for rolling up her sleeves and getting involved.   Tune in from time to time for information about an upcoming picnic for all the foster kids in CD-13 and for future HBT fund-raisers!